Buggy by Lande

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Lande Buggy Lande Buggy Lande Buggy

Elegant with a playful accent. As a stand-alone table, Buggy catches your eye straight away. Light and subtle with great attractiveness. And when it’s linked, it’s simply irresistible. In all its forms, Buggy just weaves its way through buildings left, right and centre. As a conference table, landing place or work-table. With Buggy you can do anything. In fact, this table affects the way you experience space. Elegant and open, with the thin, white top and its typical brackets. Practical and beautiful with its matching knee walls and cable ducts. Strong and stable thanks to its striking legs. Also available as a folding table, standing table and coffee table. Buggy. Always in great shape.

There is an increasing demand for a different way of working and living.