lapalma Brunch lapalma Brunch Wall

In lapalma’s most recent quest to deliver the complete collection of essential elements for the market, here is BRUNCH. a family of high tables that reinvents the traditional typology of table. The fluidity of the overall design is strengthened by the wide curve made up of two wooden surfaces matched with a different radius to create just one honeycomb board which ensure continuity of the wood grain. The wider profile of the side leg becomes gradually thinner as it curves to form the top. The other leg, of aluminium, provides a contrasting sober look. Visually light yet extremely stable, BRUNCH is a multitasking table, suitable for an unconventional residential project but also for leisure and corporate environments, such as dining areas, cafes, breakout and reception areas, public spaces and bars. It is available in blanched oak, stained walnut, black or white.

Story For more than 30 years Lapalma has been manufacturing furniture for the modern home and for the contract, following a thread, rooted in the modern design, that links with clear proportions all the components of the project and aims at getting a universal product, that will last forever.