Poliform Bristol System Bookcase Poliform Bristol sofa Poliform Bristol sofa Poliform Bristol sofa Poliform Bristol sofa Poliform Bristol sofa Poliform Bristol sofa Poliform Bristol sofa

Soft and comfortable shapes, the wraparound double backrest cushions and the thin armrests are the main features of Bristol, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud. This sofa allows to combine highly original layouts. Sofas and armchairs collection. The sofas and armchairs collection: in the living area there is a full coherence between modular systems, complements and the elements dedicated to comfort. Collaborating with prestigious international designers, Poliform completes its offer with a variety of proposals that underline versatility. A series of different armchairs and sofas, able to explore a wide range of aesthetical approaches and to become part of a full “Home project”, where every piece of furniture matches with the other, in a highly harmonious interior design project. Finishings: Sofa Bristol. Structure: moulded flexible polyurethane. Feet: chutes in plastic material (h 1 3/4” and 2 1/2”) or optional feet in piombo painted die-cast aluminium (h 1 3/4”). Seat cushion: shaped flexible polyurethane. Pre-covering of the seat cushion: parts in cotton cloth and feather and parts in polyester padding. Backrest front cushion: polyester padding with pre-covering in cotton cloth. Backrest rear cushion: flexible polyurethane with precovering in polyester padding. Final covering: removable in fabric and leather. Cushions: polyester padding or feather with pre-covering in cotton cloth, removable covering in fabric and leather. Bristol system. Series of coffee tables for central use, small tables to the back of the sofa and sideboard with open compartment to be equipped with storage units with drawers and flap door or open storage units. Desk shelf and pouf. Finishings: mat lacquered colours, glossy lacquered colours (except storage units), spessart oak and cenere oak. Pouf in hide. Bristol System Bookcase A bookcase with an original design and light, simple lines to complete Bristol collection launched in 2014 by Jean-Marie Massaud. Day complements Poliform furniture collection is a global project, which is able to adapt to any lifestyle. Poliform offers origi- nal products that can be both welcoming and relaxing, whatever style you are looking for. Finishings: Series of boockases that can be equipped with storage units with drawer or flap door. Bookcase finishings: mat lacquered colors, glossy lacquered colors spessart oak and cenere oak. Metal insert piombo painted . Storage units finishings: mat lacquered colours, spessart oak and cenere oak.

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