Bridge Orbit by MORGEN

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BRIDGE ORBIT is the round version of BRIDGE. BRIDGE ORBIT is the center of life. It creates a space for everything and everyone, spanning the bridge between everyday life and “Full House”. BRIDGE ORBIT lives up to its name, it not only keeps body and soul together, but is the perfect table for young and old, to eat, play, live and work.   BRIDGE ORBIT dimensions: ø120 cm, ø150 cm, ø170 cm, height 75 cm   BRIDGE ORBIT is made: - Of a massive oiled and waxed oak three-layer plate with a table top in either oak or rubber and with a base made of solid wood - Of a with exotic wood veneered MDF board with a table surface in rubber and a base made of solid wood   We create individual solutions upon request

MORGEN sees itself as a mediator between various different professions: architecture & conceptual design, design & art, music, event and last but not least handicraft.