There is room for everyone. BRIDGE becomes BRIDGE EXTENSION, enlarged in seconds. By pulling the table top, the interior of the table opens; the solid wood laid-in table top comes to the fore and can be put into place easily.   BRIDGE EXTENSION dimensions: 200 cm extendable to 278 x 90 x 75cm 278 cm extendable to 356 x 90 x 75cm   BRIDGE EXTENSION is made: Of a massive, oiled and waxed oak three-layer plate with a table top in either oak or rubber and with a base made of solid wood Of a with exotic wood veneered MDF board with a table surface in rubber and a base made of solid wood   Complementing BRIDGE EXTENSION we offer sideboards and accessories in various designs   We create individual solutions upon request Design by Thomas Tritsch

MORGEN sees itself as a mediator between various different professions: architecture & conceptual design, design & art, music, event and last but not least handicraft.