The overwhelming and primitive power of the forces of nature inspired Giulio Cappellini to create the Break Stone tables and expand the iconic line of the company.

Base Finish
Epoxy powder painted - 48 Anthracite
Base Material
Feet Pad
Black felt pads
Top Finish
Glazed black lava stone in Burgundy edged in black lava stone
Top Material
Glazed Black lava stone

Available in round and square shapes, the top is made of lava stone quarried from the slopes of Mount Etna, transmitting a unique tactile and visual sensation. The whole production process is a journey to the origins of the material: the top is first sent to an oven to reawake the lava stone and melt it back into magma, only then its moulded into its new shape. The finishing is achieved by the fusion of lava with green, blue or maroon pigments and their natural vitrification. Base structure in black varnished steel.

Giulio Cappellini

Giulio Cappellini is a Milanese architect who has been working since 1979 with an energetic spirit and refreshing goals. Through the years his work transformed into that of a designer’s, offering a personal approach to contemporary design. He has successfully established both his brand and his name and has worked as the art director for other key design brands. His most important project, the “company”, transformed Cappellini into one of the biggest trend-setters worldwide. His lectures at the Milan...

Cappellini faced the new millennium inextricably linked to the world of images, exploration and research.