Width 70 cm
Height 110 cm
Cable length 300 cm
Full height 180 cm


Finish Natural Oak
Material Solid oak frame and cast iron weights


Fixed plug options EU
Lamp holder 1 x E27
Light source 20W MAX type CFL Spot, light source not included
Plug adapter options UK
Size Large
Volume 0.67 m3
Year of design 2008


In a brave new world imagination is free to produce a complex lamp with simple materials, translating the warm soul of the oak wood in a mechanic way.

E27 x 1 20 W MAX type CFL Spot Cable length 3M (twisted red fabric) Europlug

E26 x 1 20 W MAX type CFL Spot Cable length 3M (twisted red fabric) US 2-pin plug

Cleaning instructions:
Can be effectively cleaned using a regular household dust cloth or feather duster. Lightly dust inbetween each component when the lamps are not in use. Moooi recommends always reading the label of any cleaning products you wish to use on or near any item from the Moooi collection. For further information on how to clean this product please contact your nearest Moooi agent or dealer which can be located through our website


"We aim to make objects of intrigue and fascination, objects that make you stop, smile and consider"

One of the most daring and visionary design studios you can find on the international design scene” Maria Cristina Didero. Freshwest are an award winning UK design duo, celebrated for their experimental and playful touch. Operating from their studio and workshop on the coast of West Wales, Freshwest’s output is an eclectic mix of furniture and lighting. Their collection demonstrates there exploration into creating what they call “objects of intrigue”. Their work often involves a sculptural response to materials, designing and prototyping objects without a preconceived design in place. This process is a response to their fascination with structures and the accidental aesthetic quality that occurs in forms such as scaffolding. Much of there work contains a narrative or plays on scale offering the observer a sense of discovery and intrigue.

Dutch brand moooi evokes extraordinary experiences through daring collections of furniture and lighting.