Borderline Suspension 444S by Vertigo Bird
Vertigo Bird

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Light source 2Gx13, 1x 55W T5-R Code V02012 5105 / black, V02012 5205 / white Typology suspension lamp Light emision direct / indirect IP rating IP20 Ø 44.4 x H 13.3 cm

Two shells, one black one white are joined to form a sharp borderline between dark and light. Held together by three velcro bands leaves the edges of shells free without metallic joints. When the lamp is on, the inner white shell diffuses a soft and comfortable light, while the indirect light coming from the top gives the impression that the lamp is floating below the ceiling. The contrast of black ABS outside and opal white acrylic inside is eye-catching even when the light is off. The three elements: shade, diffusor and velcro tie bands are clear and visible features in the design and make this lamp easy to maintain. No manual is needed to change the lamp. The standard versions includes either a 60W flourescent lamp or dual 60 and 55W flourescent lamps for extra illumination, thus enabeling the use of Borderline in different spaces.

Vertigo Bird is a contemporary Slovenian lighting brand established in 2008.