Bonnet mirror

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Past and present brought to one

"The Bonnet mirror that merges into Houtique’s essence, brings together the past and the present to build a new and exciting future through reflections. The central element is a rhomboidal mirror framed by two ""wings"" reinterpreted according to the aesthetic language of the designer. The use of complementary elements makes the mirro become an object with sculptural value.
The fluid and subtle waves of a pamela hat
the stories hidden in a victorian hat
the blurry reflections of a mirror
the marks left from those bizarre good old days

Technical characteristics:
Mirror made of minerals and high strength resin.
Bevelled mirror.
Metallic Back Piece in 24 K Gold-plated /copper-Plated / black Paint (according to model).
Dimensions: 70x15x99 cm

Exotic rhythms, champagne toasts and velvet words. We were dancing when we found a sign that said "Back to the future" and so we followed it. The sign took us here, to a sexy, luxe and fun dimension. We keep on dancing, we won't stop.