BMA Axia Classic Pro by SB Seating
SB Seating

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The Axia Pro is the ideal project chair. It is extremely well suited to workstations for intensive VDU work. Office chair with fixed back-angle setting.

The timeless classic of BMA Ergonomics is sustainable, ergonomic and almost indestructible. All Axia Classic ergonomic office chairs are perfectly suited for people that work in front of a computer screen with complex seating requirements and intensive work. Just like the chairs from the Axia 2.0 series, the Axia 1.0 stimulates dynamic sitting. A unique feature of all Axia office chairs are the static arm rests that stay in the same position even if the chairs tilts. The forearms are supported in any seating position instead of getting caught between chair and desk. Be safe and ergonomic.

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