Width 42 cm
Depth 41 cm
Weight 6.4 kg
Overall depth 51.5 cm
Overall width 52.5 cm
Seat height 45.5 cm


Finish Ashwood 0065
Material Solid Wood


Stackable 4 max
Volume 0.33 m3
Year 2017


Oftentimes by comparing with the origin, an originality is born, that of a chair which knows how to enhance its full forms.

This is about lines which, by going back to the origin, develop originality. Every object converses with space, filling it with meaning, elaborating it in geometry, defining it and listening to it. Blue confers much about itself to the place where it sits, and even just by the way it looks. It says that the simplicity of the past is beauty, that the purity of lines is a form, that the wood passes down stories of warmth and of colours, deepening them. It also says that quality is the meeting of wisdom and��invention.

Francesco Faccin

Francesco Faccin, born in Milan 1977. In 2003 after having finished his studies in Industrial Design in Milan, Faccin works at the Enzo Mari design studio.He starts up his career as a freelance designer and collaborates with the lute-maker Francesco Rivolta until 2006. In 2009 Faccin meets Michele De Lucchi and since then they work in mutual collaboration for 5 years. He actually collaborates with important Italian and International brands. His work has been published in the most important worldwide magazines.

Belonging. A word selected to talk about a job of work, a path, a feeling, a sentiment, an armation. Right from within the factory, which bears witness to living values, as evidenced on a daily basis: Italianness, care, excellence of execution, crasmanship, design and remaining true to the local area.