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Blow consists of several parts that can be individually be combined. Choose from different highest at the back or armrests and add the legs of choice. The seat-hight is 46,5 cm. Just as flexible is the way of use. Covered with leather it could aesthetical seen, in a waiting room care for recovery. Covered with fabric in different colors Blow gives also at home a comfortable accent in front of your chimney or your kitchen.Intermediate sizes are possible. Almost no furniture is as highly applicable as a bench, as for restaurants, in projects or for the design of your own room. In kitchens is it just as useful as in living rooms, dining rooms in hallways or in a bathroom. Because our benches are highly indivisible and they are adaptable to each room they also can be planned for court rooms, cafeterias or in waitings rooms. As important as the design are the high-end materials and their perfect manufacturing. The timber comes from sustainable forests and is carefully chosen and stored. [more] furniture is made in Germany.

Simple in it´s idea, simple in it´s language of form and thanks to the high end belt upholstery simply comfortable. All that is Blow, the new bench from more.

Timeless architecture since 1993. Furniture from more, Hamburg.