Blossom Bonsai Set - 4 pcs
Design House Stockholm

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As the name implies, this clean-lined, scented sculpture by designer Takafumi Nemoto is in the form of a small tree.

Bonsai collection consists of three elements: a poetic sculpture of gracefully shaped wicker, a stoneware vase and a gentle fragrance that evokes an open window overlooking a woodland lake. The wicker fragrance sticks are hand-tied and shaped into elegant sculptures with a classic Japanese flair.
The tree sculpture stands centred in the lidded vase. The wicker sticks absorb the fresh-scented oil – which doesn’t spread a heavy perfume, just the sense of a newly aired room. The tree shape allows the fragrance to spread for a long time. Bonsai comes in three designs so you can choose your favourite, or perhaps switch between different expressions: Bonsai Breeze, which calls to mind a small tree with the wind in its branches; Bonsai Blossom, a blooming branch; or Bonsai Cloud, in the shape of a cumulus cloud drifting in the sky. Place the sculpture with dried plants, or live ones, or with a stylish still life of your favourite things. You’ll enjoy not only a refreshing fragrance, but a graceful sculpture with a traditional style and a brand-new design. An ingenious meld of Scandinavian and Japanese.
Takafumi Nemoto worked with us to develop the fragrance. Bonsai has a discreet floral scent with notes of green tea and bergamot and a hint of sweetness from mandarin and orange. The central tone is gently herbal, with fresh forest scents and a hint of musk and amber.

Swedish furniture brand Design House Stockholm uses soft tones and playful shapes that result in a light-hearted collection with a sense humour.