BlancoWhite C1 Square Table Lamp
Santa & Cole

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This is a new way of lighting that was unimaginable just a few years ago, and that wins people over immediately with its warmth and simplicity.

The BlancoWhite family came about in 2012 as a series of models with essential forms that can be used as tabletop bookcases, shelves that provide light, or composite lighting systems, with a view to lighting up special objects in our day-to-day lives. BlancoWhite is now an extensive family of lamps that share the same subtle, one-centimetre thick structure which houses the light source and creates lightness in the form of all models. Its greatest innovation is a smart LED plate (using a Dot Cutting system) that distributes dots of progressive concavity across the light surface, becoming more concave the further away from the source they are and creating harmonious homogeneity in the light flow.

Antoni Arola

Antoni Arola is one of today's top Spanish designers. He is known for a degree of versatility that has allowed him to create a range of brilliant designs, from a perfume bottle to a lamp to the interior design of key contemporary spaces. Winner of the 2003 National Design Award.

Santa & Cole is an editing company from Barcelona that lives for industrial design.