The Love Chair is a fully upholstered and super comfortable lounge chair with four solid timber legs that offer a domestic look and feel to this Deadgood favourite.

Button option
Mixed Colours
Country of origin
Thetford, United Kingdom
Frame finish
Bespoke Stained Beech
Frame material
Stained Beech
Seat height
Seat material
CMHR foams and Fabrics
Ingleston Amazon

Each chair is handmade using traditional techniques and features either our trademark Love Button detailing, a more traditional round button detail in a new linear configuration (pictured) or no buttons at all. The product bears all of our classic trademarks including an exceptional design style, an uncompromising commitment to quality and a slightly eccentric tongue in cheek twist. The Collection can be found in libraries, universities, offices and airport lounges around the UK and beyond.

Our collection of modern furniture, lighting and interior ‘products with personality’ is designed and made in Britain and supplied worldwide, to some of the freshest commercial projects on the planet.