Big Bunk Bed by De Breuyn
De Breuyn

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Also with these sleeping and playing podiums a dual use of the sleeping room is achieved. Four sleeping places above and below with four drawers for stowage and ascend by a ladder which is montaged sideways. The upper handrail is set to 100cm up from the mattress and so accords to standards for plateaus. The portholes are secured with Plexiglas. Essential: Big use in small rooms! This a sort of a big bunk bed for 8 Matrasses 60x140cm. Material:  HPL white and red , 18mm Multiplex Dimensions:: W 330 x D 189 x H 260

During development of our sleeping podiums we thought of communal bunks in a ski hut which can be used by more or less sleepers according to requirements. Especially toddlers are very excited about sleeping in groups or cuddle up to each other. The sleeping podiums (featured with 60cmx120cm mattresses) allows you to sleep on your own or in groups. The installation is recommended to be montaged from wall to wall but we also offer modules over the edge. The big drawers can be stored with pillows and blankets. Combined with our playing house which can be put on top of our podiums youget a second usage of the room. You can sleep but it is also a room for cuddling, reading or role play gaming – apart the noise of the group room. We are able to adapt the bedscapes to every room because there are single or double podiums, over-the-edge modules and fall protection for the sides. Gaps can also be covered up.

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