Big Bubbles Kite – Pendant light by HARCO LOOR

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14 x 12V 10W G4, height adjustable, width 160 x 45 cm, glass shades transparent. Also available equipped with Cree LEDs, 14 x 12V 1,5W G4 2700 K (warm white).

Cable suspended hanging lamps with clear round glass. Tubes of 6 mm stainless steel. Arms can be twisted and stretched in every direction. Adjustable height max. 200 cm. The lighting fixtures are executed in halogen 12V G4 click system with built-in transformer. Also available equipped with Cree LEDs, 12V 1,5W G4 2700K (warm white)

Harco Loor Design has been founded in the early 80’s as a result of growing interest and significance of Dutch design in the international lighting field.