Big Bubble sectional couch by Eponimo

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An essential and yet sumptuous sofa that integrates an unprecedented level of comfort and a clean image through the careful study of proportions, filling materials and surface treatment. It is a mint product that combines the flair of something lived-in with the appeal of modern performance. The soft surfaces and extra flesh of a sofa that has lost its shameless turgidity are the sign of a lasting and mature elegance. From terminal pieces, to angular modules to poufs, Big Bubble offers a full vocabulary of sectional elements to create a multitude of compositions and to adapt to every space and environment. The additional possibility to customize any of the elements makes Bug Bubble a truly and universally adaptable system. Solid poplar, poplar plywood and birch plywood internal frame. Elastic support straps, polyurethane core, dacron lining coupled with cover material, leather or fabric cover, down-filled seat cushions.

Our collection blends aesthetic and technical innovation together with familiarity.