Width 51 cm
Depth 48 cm
Height 77 cm
Weight 4 kg
Seat depth 42 cm
Seat height 47 cm


Base material Lacquered solid wood
Colour Black


Environment Indoor
Year of design 2019

Betty is an honest, explicit design with nothing hidden and everything exposed.

Finnish designer Sami Kallio and Danish designer Jakob Thau made the focus of Betty a feature most people don’t focus on. The webbing usually found under a seat for support. Consequently, the webbing adds comfort that naturally bends a bit with your body. Meanwhile, the one-piece wooden seat frame is part of a sturdy chair that’s surprisingly light - and stackable, available in a selection of contemporary colours for the frame. A strong chair when you see it that’s soft when you sit in it.

Craft meets art. Function meets form. Material meets potential.