ASPLUND Besson Cabinet 160 ASPLUND Besson Cabinet 160 low ASPLUND Besson Cabinet 240 low ASPLUND Besson Cabinet Deluxe deep blue ASPLUND Besson Cabinet Deluxe white

Benson was first shown last year - now developed, improved and in new sizes. A minimalistic storage based on a light shell with open and closed volumes. A true eyecatcher and an ”it” cabinet! In this elegantly minimalistic series each cabinet is different from the other. The thin shell frames different volumes, using different materials like brass, glass, wood and laminates on a lacquered metal stand. The usage span is very versitile. The meetings of materials and the sophisticated detailing gives subtle complexity, edge and elegance to the minimalistic cabinets. An exciting addition in the powerful ASPLUND storage collection and a continuation of the acclaimed Luc series from 2012. Frame: Lacquered MDF Stand: Lacquered metal Interior: Oak veneer

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