Width 48 cm
Depth 53.5 cm
Height 87 cm
Weight 8.5 kg
Seat height 46 cm


Backrest finish Rattan Natural Cane
Backrest material Solid Beech Wood, Rattan Mesh
Frame finish Haya Natural beech
Frame material Solid Beech Wood
Upholstery Go Uni 60084


Awards Award Silver Delta. AD| Awards 2016

Bernardes collection, created by Andreu Carulla, aims to capture the image of austerity and discretion that we associate with medieval Roman convents.

As a result of this suggestive idea, the collection combines tradition, timelessness and the sobriety of that which must tolerate the passage of time. Bernardes, comfortable and sophisticated in its chair, armchair and bench versions, combine beechwood, upholstered fabric or leather, and artisan wickerwork to make robust and long-lasting pieces.

Andreu Carulla

Andreu Carulla, designer of the Bernardes collection for VergĂ©s, graduated from the PolitĂ©cnica de Girona in 2002 with a degree in industrial design. Four years later, he founded is own studio, which has quickly become one of the country’s most versatile design firms. His projects, which include furniture, tableware, lighting, fashion and interior design, among others, stand out for their continuous exploration of material, old-school techniques and modern processes.

Vergés chairs and furniture are the result of a combination of experience, vocation, quality and design.