bent t-2752 | t-2752F | t-2752L flushmount by Estiluz

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t-2752 Halógena R7s 118mm ECO 200W 230V t-2752F El. Fluorescent G24q3 2x26W universal voltage ballast t-2752L LED 17,5W ( 3000ºK / Ang. 120º) 230V / Typ.1320 lumens.

The Bent ceiling lamp has been created using curved satin optical glass, which gives it an elegant, volatile and ethereal appearance. It also has a decorative detail which inarguably gives it a very special, elegant touch. This consists of two parts fitted into its opposite vertices, which allow several of these ceiling lights to be grouped. When two, three or four of these lamps are positioned together by fitting the pieces in the vertices together, the result is a captivating dual figure. For that, we will need an electrical connection for each lamp. Square flushmount/wall sconce. White satin curved glass with two supports in opposite vertexes. W 400 x L 400 x H 100 mm Hal. 250 W / Fluor. 2 x 26 W

Estiluz and the green planet. Over forty years have gone by.