BENT is a metal shelving unit part of the Monolitico collection. Its concept is beautifully simple; a rectangular metal sheet is folded to a 90 degree angle to create the shelf support, which is then screwed to the wall. This metal sheet is riddled with holes of varying sizes, which add a sense of lightness and texture, as well as creating interesting and enticing displays of light and shadow. BENT may be used as a solo piece to house objects and books; equally, it may be fitted in a group to create a vast and visually arresting wall mounted shelving display. BENT allows for even greater flexibility due to its potential to be fixed to the wall in two different configurations.

Matteo Gerbi's passion for design provides a powerful motivation which, coupled with its focus, patience and consistency, assures the provision of inimitable design and an unparalleled quality of service. Matteo Gerbi has bags of curiosity and a huge capacity for creative thinking unfettered by predetermined style. This allows them to produce innovative designs that meet clientsʼ aspirations, whilst staying within time and budget constraints.