benchwall | natural brown paper by molo

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molo benchwall | natural brown paper molo benchwall | black paper

benchwall is a flexible paper bench with a 1.8 meter (6’) tall back rest that functions as an acoustic space partition as well as seating. Flexible in length, benchwall can stretch into a long straight, high backed bench or be swept into a circular bench lined room. benchwall begins with a expandable 18” tall seat which transitions up into a 6’ tall back, all made from continuous sheets of paper honeycombed together. From a compressed form, the flexible honeycomb geometry expands to a paper bench/partition up to 3m (10’) in length. Springy paper pleats, which extend naturally from the interior honeycomb structure, run vertically along the backrest of benchwall and gently contour to the shape and size of those sitting along it. The geometry of the pleats, combined with the height of the paper partition backrest, gives benchwall excellent acoustic properties.

molo, based in Vancouver, Canada, is a collaborative design and production studio led by Stephanie Forsythe (B.EDS, M.ARCH) and Todd MacAllen (B.FA, B.EDS, M.ARCH).