Bench by Woodnotes

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Woodnotes benches are upholstered with Sand paper yarn cotton fabric. Benches have wooden frame and they are supplied with wooden (birch) or metal feet, height 5 or 8 cm. Benches in sizes 40x40, 50x50 and 60x60 cm are supplied with button feet (height 1,5 cm). Sand upholstery fabric is supplied with soil-repellent treatment. Benches 45601 Sizes: 40x40x43, 40x60x43, 40x80x43, 40x100x43, 40x120x43, 40x140x43, 40x160x43 50x50x43, 50x80x43, 50x100x43, 50x120x43, 50x140x43, 50x160x43 60x60x43, 60x80x43, 60x100x43, 60x120x43, 60x140x43, 60x160x43 cm Square benches 45601 Sizes: 80x80x43, 100x100x43, 120x120x43 cm

Woodnotes is a Finnish design company founded by Ritva and Mikko Puotila in 1987.