"The best position for a light source is always unexpected, also its connection to the electrical source."

"Following the same approach that AIM has proven true, Belt is flexibility, so its nature is a balance between soft and rigid. The soft element are the connection sections, the rigid parts are the light source, long LED beam. Belt is a line that can progress endlessly. All the elements are uniformly made of leather belts. some of them carry the weight, some of them carry electricity, then of course some of them carry the light. The beginning section falls down from the ceiling, or raise from the wall or the floor, then it’s suspended through the buckle of the first hanging belt. Then the light beam starts from there. Next step can be the end, but one can also add a new section, and this is endless. The line can grow into the space, rotate, raise or fall. Of course, the leather is a key for BELT, it has some freedom, but also a certain stiffness, that makes the line harmonious."

Italian lighting manufacturer Flos has been a driving force in innovative techniques and surprising shapes for over fifty years.