Belloch Rectangular Dining Table
Santa & Cole

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This is a stable, spacious, very elegant and unfussy table - the perfect companion for the homonymous chair.

It is made of white top cut on the bias with rounded edges and beech legs. A metal cross beneath the top forms the solid frame between all four legs, leaving enough room even to cross one’s legs underneath. Designed in 2009.

Lagranja Design

This multi-disciplinary studio always seeks to put people at the heart of the objects and spaces it designs. Founded in 2002 on Calle de La Granja street in Barcelona's Gracia neighbourhood, from which it takes its name, it is now one of Europe's most well-known studios.

Gerard Sanmartí and Gabriele Schiavon met in the creative centre of the Benetton group. After participating in a competition to design a cabin in Hawaii, being selected and spending a month on the Pacific Ocean islands, they decided to set up a studio seriously and try to get ahead in this world of design. Now, spending half their time in Spain and half in Italy, they are devoted to industrial design, the assembly of exhibitions, commercial interior design, and even the design of housing. And they combine it all with teaching. With their commitment to artisanal work, the care they take with their projects and their complete development, they have succeeded in transmitting their own style although, as they themselves point out (on being) a very versatile studio, we have to know how to differentiate the projects.

Some of the most widely recognized are the Key bicycle rack (2007), an element with a circular structure which allows both wheels of the bicycle to be attached, finished with high-density polyurethane foam, which protects the bike from aggressions, published by Santa & Cole and the winner of the IDEA Bronze Award (2007) and the RED DOT in the Best of the best (2008) category; the Uto lamp (2005), produced by Foscarini, the assembly in the Espai Gaudí of La Pedrera in 2006, the double purpose of which was to promote the most characteristic elements of the original work of Gaudí and to organize the movement of visitors in a complex space which was not designed to house a museum.

The latest project developed by Lagranja Design for Santa & Cole is the Belloch chair (2008), a light and stackable chair suitable both for indoors and for outside, which was designed for the Corporate University of Telefónica in Parc de Belloch.

Gerard Sanmartí
Born in Barcelona in 1974. In 1996 he graduated in design from the Elisava design school and gained his Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours at Southampton, after studying for a year at the University of Industrial Arts of Helsinki. In 1997 he founded the creative group Dforma espaciobjetoimagen, which he left to move to Treviso (Italy), where he spent a year working at Fabrica, Centro di Ricerca sulla Comunicazione, part of the Benetton group. He then returned to Barcelona and founded the new studio Lagranja, Design for Companies and Friends. Since the year 2000 he has taught at the Elisava design school, has given workshops at European design schools (IUAV Venezia, Utrecht School of Arts) and since 2002 has coordinated and taught the Master's course in corporate design at the Istituto Europeo di Design of Barcelona.

Gabriele Schiavon
Born in Padua, Italy in 1973. As a child he wanted to be a painter and musician, but something didn't turn out right and he ended up studying architecture in Venice (1992-1997). At Fabrica, which he joined with a grant in 1998 and where he later held the posts of tutor and head of project, he first heard the word design. On an island in the Pacific, wearing swimming trunks and flip-flops, he founded Lagranja Design with his friend Gerard in the summer of 2001.

The rest of the Lagranja team is made up of María Ruiz Ulibarri, José Manuel Fernández Marín, Cristian Marin Santos and Mariana Allocco.

Santa & Cole is an editing company from Barcelona that lives for industrial design.