Bed B2 by Kettnaker

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Kettnaker Bed B2 Kettnaker Bed B1 Kettnaker Bed B3 Kettnaker Bed B3 Kettnaker Bed B3 Kettnaker Bed B3 Kettnaker Bed B3 Kettnaker Bed B3

These beds make a perfect match with our living room ranges. With the same wide choice of options and high-quality surfaces. Free-standing in the room or up against the wall? The bed systems B1and B2 can be placed in either position, depending on the bed-head selected. In addition, they offer a choice of two different heights and three different types of feet. Matching storage drawers complete the two ranges, which otherwise differ in only one respect: the thickness of their frames. These measure exactly 5 centimetres for the B1 and 2.5 centimetres for the B2. The bed system B3 can be specially planned with metal feet, surrounding side plates and a matching bed-head. It can just as easily be placed in the centre of the room or against the wall. If desired, it can also be equipped with an electrically adjustable under-mattress. As well as that, you can add a long, low cupboard to this bed, or combine it with storage units and drawers from the ALEA and SOMA ranges. It’s really worth looking at the possibilities: the only element they always have in common is the fine structural profile of just 6 millimetres. Kettnaker beds are available in all standard sizes and, upon request, also in customised dimensions.

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