Baxter Chair by Naula

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Naula Baxter Chair Naula Baxter Chair | Baxter Ottoman Naula Baxter Ottoman

This sexy, nostalgic chair is sensually modern with well-defined but not overstated curves that scream vintage madness. The subtle understated minimalism is a tribute to the golden years of mid 20-century design where functionality and fashion met with balanced proportions. The ottoman is classically minimal with clean, simple lines and delicate, subtle top-stitched seam work.

Modern simplicity met with nostalgic craftsmanship represent the highest quality of custom furniture for designer Angel Naula who has, over the past decade, brought together a group of highly-skilled artisans and a visionary ingenuity to create a workshop that thrives on the idea that, at its inception, each piece is of its own eclectic design.PROFILE It is more than just choosing the style, the fabric, the design.