Shade opal policarbonate. Structure epoxi painted iron. Electronic ballast included/Lamp not included. L 60/90/120/150 cm x W 4 cm x H 11 cm

Oriol Llahona created this luminaire with the idea to produce a simple and effective linear illumination, but without leaving on the side that had to bring a high aesthetic value. The result is this wall lamp made with an opal meth-acrylate shirt that covers all the light, including the inner window, without leaving any metallic part at sight, which confers a very contemporary aspect to it, but simultaneously ductile and not aggressive. It’s especially suitable to use in baths (above or to the sides of the mirror), or in an entrance, for counters, ... This wall lamp is produced in lengths of 60, 90, 120 and 150cm and uses as light source a fluorescent tube T5 of high performance, fed with an electronic ballast.

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