Barlovento & Sotavento elondo-lounger by DVELAS

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DVELAS Barlovento & Sotavento elondo-lounger DVELAS Barlovento & Sotavento alu-chair DVELAS Barlovento & Sotavento alu-lounger DVELAS Barlovento & Sotavento elondo-chair

Windward and Leeward are two opposed terms referring to the direction of the wind. The B&S chair is made out of a bended inox tube structure and a piece of continuous material that covers it. It is inspired in the audacity that sailing poses, being able to accomplish different courses with the same wind, just by changing position. On this chair, the position of the material around the structure acquires two different forms according to how you place the structure on the floor, being able to have a chair or a deck chair.

DVELAS started as a creative reaction to reuse the huge quantity of material thrown away by the sailing industry.