Barcode Table | 8030 by Draenert

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Pollution free and resource-protecting products are strongly in demand – particularly when they are attractively designed. The term „ Green Design“ includes products of completely different areas of life and moreover completely different aspects of the pollution free and sustainable design. In this mind the Barcode table has been developed. The Barcode Table is a piece of furniture of the 21st century. The concept of sustentation is the basis of this design as the stones from the production process are used as resource. Its appearance is avant-garde as it is new assembled in a harmonic unit only of stone fragments. The Barcode Table is a dining table and also a conference table. It can be recycled by 100 % due to its basic materials stone and steel. This assembly, selected from 200 different stone types with different characteristics, requires extensive know-how and is assembled, ground and polished by masters of stone masonry until the table has been formed to a uniform and integrated whole. The stones used from the production process ensure a lasting handling of the material natural stone and makes this material available for following generations. Every Barcode Table is unique. Naturally, the individual selection of the stone types is limited and availability must be checked by enquiry. The table top can be supplied in many different combinations such as the colour worlds Ebony & Ivory, Gobi, Steel and Magic. Check of availability by enquiry. 100 x 250 cm | height 74 cm 100 x 200 cm | height 74 cm

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