Bed 85x198, 85x208, 96x198, 96x208, 105x208, 125x208, 145x198, 145x198, 158x198, 158x211, 165x198, 165x208, 175x208, 185x208, 188x211, 198x221 & 205x208 Mattress 80x190, 80x200, 91x190, 91x200, 100x200, 120x200, 137x191, 140x190, 150x190, 153x203, 160x190, 160x200, 170x200, 180x200, 183x203, 193x213 & 200x200

Milano Bedding® is a brand founded in 1996 from the experience of Kover, a company which for thirty years has been a leading manufacturer of sofa beds, beds and mattresses.