Balloon Table lamp by Vertigo Bird
Vertigo Bird

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27 x H 42 cm

Balloon owes elements of its form to the typical antique oil lamps and candle holders with a reflector placed behind the flame to reflect and direct the light. Besides, the natural occurrence of what we often consider the moon to be a light source (next to e.g. fire and the sun) although it is just a reflected light from the sun, gave further stimulus to work with idea of the indirect light. CFL or LED light source is situated inside lamp's cylindrical base. Light shines upwards and enlightens the reflector, which tilts forwards, re-directing and reflecting a diffused glimmer of light. It is available in table and wall version. Through its simplicity and figurative character, the lamp leaves room for associations and fantasy – is it a balloon soaring into the air, a small glowing sun or an oversized light bulb? Material: metal Colours: white, yellow, red

Vertigo Bird is a contemporary Slovenian lighting brand established in 2008.