B-ENCH by Colect

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Sleek duo seat, handmade in Belgium. Size: 105X43X45cm Material and finishing: Aluminum (8mm) mat or glossy lacquered (indoor & outdoor use) Different colors and finishing: Glossy B0015009: aluminum waxed B0015009BE: beige lacquered B0015009BR: brown lacquered B0015009R: red lacquered B0015009W: white lacquered B0015009Z: black lacquered Mat B0015009M: aluminum waxed B0015009BEM: beige lacquered B0015009BRM: brown lacquered B0015009RM: red lacquered B0015009WM: white lacquered B0015009ZM: black lacquered

Katrien Van Hulle has been promoting Belgian design since 1998 through the collections of Colect.