Width 10.20 cm
Depth 10.20 cm
Height 9.20 cm


Colour Brass
Material Brass
Secondary material Sheesham Wood


Assembly required none
Size 0.5L


The AYASA storage jar was the first product we ever designed and is made out of copper or brass on a traditional spinning machine. The lid is hand-turned out of Sheesham, an indigenous hardwood from northern India that is sustainably-sourced, and made airtight with a silicone seal. The jar is perfect for storing loose-leaf tea or coffee and is food-safe. It comes in two sizes. The copper and brass will naturally develop a beautiful patina* over time. We recommend stacking it to create an interesting kitchen display. * This process can be reversed naturally with the help of a slice of lemon and some salt. Cut a lemon in half, add salt to the cut side and rub the item gently. The AYASA Colour range of storage jars is made out of powder-coated hand-spun aluminium. In India aluminium is used widely for storage but also for cooking. These hard-wearing low-maintenance jars are perfect for the kitchen (all our aluminium is of food-grade quality) but can also be used as toothbrush- and pen-holders. They come in two sizes with two different lid options: a metal one or an airtight lid made from sustainably-sourced Sheesham or Beech wood.

AYASA, which in Sanskrit means β€˜of metal’, was our first collection and embodies what we set out to do as an Indian design studio. Our idea then – and now – was to celebrate the quiet but considered functionality of Indian household objects that are often not considered design pieces, but absolutely should be. In Indian and the subcontinent materials such as copper and brass are used for eating and drinking rather than just decoration. This collection celebrates the idea that beauty and utility can be in balance.

We are a product design studio based between Bangalore and London.