Auxilium teppan Yaki 697120 by Jokodomus

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temperature zones | 2 external dimensions | 1000 x 570 x h910 mm griddle dimensions | 480 x 410 mm supply | 230V output | 3200 W consumption | ~ 0,8 kWh protection | 16A corpus | stainless steel & Corian black

bring the taste ... outdoor You love gently sizzled and at the same time delicately steamed seafish? You like crisp vegtables low in fat? You want to experiene pure flavors of a juicy steak? Then you should looking closer at the teppanYaki griddle from Jokodomus. Ready to go in minutes, powerful in performance and at the end easy to clean. Look forward to a summer with an authentic cooking eperience. the modules: teppanYaki cart big, teppanYaki cart small, portable teppanYaki the materials: stainless steel, hornbeam

"You don‘t need much to do something right… and even less to do it wrong." Paul Bocuse Company In 1922, the little town of Salurn situated in the mountains of South Tyrol was in need of a wheelwright.