Autumn Rainfall, Zollanvari Studio, 175x238cm

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Imagine an arid desert landscape and the slow arrival of much-awaited rain… this is the inspiration behind the design of this carpet. Emulating nature is an exploratory process that strives to capture a “recipe” or “blueprint” in nature's example that can be modelled in our own designs. This carpet design achieves just that. This design can be made in bespoke sizes and colours. Designed by Zollanvari Studio, this is a thoroughly contemporary design that captures a moment in time in almost photographic fashion: the start of rainfall in a parched desert. This carpet is woven using fine highland wool from the Zagros Mountains in southern Iran, where the nomadic weavers live. The wool is hand-carded, hand-spun and dyed using natural dyes from plants found in the immediate vicinity of their habitat.

Mission Statement Zollanvari carpets embody the spirit of Persian carpet design and weaving – an extraordinary art form that has been treasured across the world for more than 2,000 years.