Aurora 2.0 953r by Quinti Sedute
Quinti Sedute

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Quinti Sedute Aurora 2.0 953r Quinti Sedute Aurora 2.0 956r Quinti Sedute Aurora 2.0 957r

Aurora 2.0 represents the will to improve a successful program by using little restyling in its aesthetical character. The soft padding of the cushions is highlighted by the horizontal and parallel stitching which create a new level of comfort and handiness inside the office. The round and welcoming mould of the seat well join with the single shell in a creative and customized way (e.g. by using different colours or materials for the upholstery) to give life to innovative and original proposals.

Here, traditions, art, hospitality and the way of life itself are the result of the hard work of its people.