attitude by Brühl

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colour blocking The anthracite seats are framed by blue armrests. They emphasise the rounded shape of the armrests and add a graphic, elemental accent to the sofa. On the left-hand side, a pad has been mounted as a headrest. The back cushions feature exquisite ornamental cross stitching. Feet and occasional trays in beech.

Pleasantly soft seating comfort: Luxurious cushions, rounded armrests and integrated headrest mounts for attaching pads to make attitude a haven of relaxation. The armrests can be lowered down and swivelled by 90  degrees, thus revealing useful occasional trays at the sides. With removable fabric or leather covers and accentuated by button tacking or cross stitching. Ideal for combining with brühl armchairs. Pleasantly soft seating: attitude creates an exceptional oasis of calm in any home. A place to unwind and gather your thoughts. With its softly yielding cushions and the rounded armrests, this comfortable, generously sized sofa is an extremely cosy piece of furniture. The armrests can be swivelled forward by 90 degrees and lowered for relaxing in a reclining position. This reveals occasional trays at the sides with covers in different finishes. In addition, two pads can be attached to mounts hidden inside the back of the sofa to serve as headrests. In the basic position, lowering the armrests allows the sofa to be used as a daybed.The fully covered frame ensures a well-proportioned, harmonious look that emphasises the cosy appeal, as do the plump, informal back cushions. The innovative, round shape of the upholstery creates a well-balanced contrast to the straight lines of the base and backrest. attitude is available in two degrees of firmness, with slightly firmer or slightly softer seat cushions. The soft version looks slightly more casual and yields noticeably when someone sits down, although the cushions are still firm enough to be comfortable. Besides a two-seater, the range also includes a 2.5-seater, and a compact and a generously sized corner suite consisting of a longchair with lowerable side rest element and a separate sofa with an outside swivel rest element. attitude goes perfectly with other brühl pieces: combine attitude with delicate armchairs from the grace range, or with the innovative poem wingback armchairs, or with the armchairs from the ranges JO, powder, dive or papillon to create individualised interior scenarios. The back cushions are available either decorated with fine cross stitches in a contrasting colour or with buttons. All covers of both versions are fully removable.

Quality Made in Germany brühl creates furniture of eclectic design.