Atonement, Traces Collection, Zollanvari Studio, 169x234cm

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The concept behind this creation emerged from many sources - from Aborigine art to modern minimalist paintings and sculpture by way of Chinese and Japanese ink paintings and prehistoric cave paintings. The mood of our times is a return to the primal which also resonates in abstract Persian Gabbehs. The simplicity of this collection using undyed wool in natural colours or a minimal number of colours, three in this case, marries archaic art and the contemporary desire for sobriety and purity.

This collection was created originally in collaboration with the Milanese designers SoFar SoNear ( but has been developed since.  When the Sofar SoNear team first saw our Kundan Silk carpets they were inspired and immediately associated the astonishing weaving and dyeing with the world of fashion. The beauty of some iconic fabrics was the ideal inspiration for the Couture collection.  Style gurus have proclaimed that fashion and design live in symbiosis, nurturing each other.  The Couture Collection confirms this trend. Available in any size, this collection offers a bespoke option for architects and interior designers who wish to personalize the patterns according to their needs. WINNER: Domotex CDA 2014 Best Modern Design Deluxe and Interior Innovation Award 2014.

Mission Statement Zollanvari carpets embody the spirit of Persian carpet design and weaving – an extraordinary art form that has been treasured across the world for more than 2,000 years.