Atlantis Vase

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Atlantis derives from the interaction between two interlocutors, one in ceramic and the other in glass.

Thanks to its design, various floral compositions can be made. By simply emerging the different sized vases in a glass case filled with water, a fascinating underwater world is created where flowers float to the surface. Besides being a decorative vase, Atlantis seeks to enhance the value of and give importance to the poetic act and ritual of giving life to cut flowers.

Inner vase in polish white enamelled ceramic, transparent glass holder and transparent rubber feet.


mist-o is a designers duo based in Tokyo and Milan, established in 2012 by Noa Ikeuchi (Japanese) and Tommaso Nani (Italian). The studio is a bridge across Europe and Asia and the work ranges from the design of furniture and small objects to spatial arrangements, from limited editions to industrial scale. Tommaso and Noa divide their lives between Japan and Italy working between the two countries to develop their own design language. Even if their traditional background is very different they found a common ground in the research for a meaningful simplicity, combining a poetic approach with formal strictness and functionality.
The studio has developed furniture, products, objects and architecture for some of the leading companies in the design field.

Cappellini faced the new millennium inextricably linked to the world of images, exploration and research.