We made a comfortable space under the sitting for those who are hard to please. For those who love uniqueness, for those who think about the pleasure not only as a perception but as a need, we thought about a limited edition of armchairs with some out of ordinary coverings and a touch of spicy to never forget that everything, needs to be thought and simply tasted. Armchair with polyurethan shell and fabric upholstered, steel frame powder coated. 61 B * 60 D * 46/82 H

With the AT® series we propose not only a comfortable chair where you can sit on, but a perfect case for the things that help you everyday. We thought about you as the center of our philosophy and we wanted to provide you the convenience of being able to put whatever you want in the appropriate space under the seat. No more bags on the ground or hung on the back of the chair, with the AT® series they will remain clean and safe. No one had ever thought about it before. The AT® series chairs will change your way of thinking about the classic chair. We have not only introduced an unique feature, but we wanted to do it with the greatest class and elegance, through the sober sophistication of the geometry of the frame and the colors combination. We wanted to give you something special, an unique sitting, like you. It’s perfect for bars, restaurants and hotels but it can be used as a home sitting where, in addition to functional skills, you can appreciate the objective elegance and the minimal plasticity.

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