Dim: 34x43x25cm – 13,5”x17”x9,8” Natural timber veneer Timberlite® colors: Ivory White, Natural Cherry, Natural Beech, Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Turquoise, Chocolate. Transparent hand switch and red cloth cord electrical cable. -1,35m- / -53”- Consult all technical information in the “Catalogue” section, then select Tech Book. Energy Class: A++/A+/A/B Lamps included: -

Wood touched by Light Asterisco, Silent lamp Asterisco is a schematic design by Valencian design studio Cuatro Cuatros that unites two functions in a single object: lamp and lectern. A fun, practical light that really makes a statement. In fact its presence is so punctuating that the studio decided to call it "Asterisk". Its clever integration with a lectern allows various uses as a support and display for books, tablets, smartphones, notes,… and helps to organize different elements in an orderly way while making the most of the available surface. It allows a great variety of solutions and is available in two different sizes. This funky table lamp raises important aesthetic questions about balance, and the way that life-giving electricity is fed through a red umbilical cord. Asterisco can be used at home as well as for contract purposes, an ideal solution for restaurants, lobbies, hotels, hospitals, libraries, anywhere you need to prop something up, and for it to be visible.

Lzf’s contemporaneity lies in their model of business, a “family” business, yet still highly professional, in their coherence of the original thought through to the final product, in the cultural mixture of Spain, Autralia and Italy present in their founders, in the selection of the materials used, both natural yet also technological, in their concept of design contaminated by their particular artistic vision, and their vocation to expand, but to expand “inteligently”, with dynamism, symtomatic of passion, a necessity for the high quality results of their work, which apart from other things, is made possible by their commitment to work together.