The outsider This JR-t939 is a bit of an outsider in the Ascot side table collection. With its dimensions of one meter by one meter, it already attracts quite a lot more attention and can easily be described as a coffee table. The family characteristics are the same: clean lines and an attractive sleek design. This table comes in 2 versions: a version with a complete tabletop and a version with a table-top 3/5, both in walnut or oak. The tabletop 3/5-version can be combined with a loose white or black tabletop 2/5. The frame is available in steel epoxy black and chrome high gloss. − Table in 1 measurement − Tabletop : choice between complete 100x100 (fixed), tabletop 3/5 (fixed) and tabletop 2/5 (loose) − Finish tabletop complete and 3/5 : choice between oak and walnut, tabletop 2/5 : choice between white and black − Frame : choice between steel epoxy black and chrome high-gloss

JORI, founded in 1963, is a Belgian company that is specialised in high-quality and contemporary leather seating furniture.