Weight 6.2 kg
Diffuser diameter 31 cm
Diffuser height 8.4 cm
Electrical cable length 400 cm
Inner canopy diameter 20 cm
Max cable length 440 cm
Min. cable length 70 cm
Outer canopy diameter 22 cm


Diffuser material Glass
Structure and canopy finish S&C White
Structure material Metallic


Dimmable Yes
Light bulb type LED
Light bulbs included Yes
Max wattage 33 w
Suitable for outdoor use Yes
Year 2015


Metallic structure with matte finish.

Acid-etched and tempered glass diffusor. Metallic circular canopy included with power supply incorporated.

An extraordinarily elegant light for the home, suitable for use indoors and outdoors, with a perfectly-arranged aluminium injection body housing state-of-the-art LED technology in a single circular plate, shielded from watching eyes by an opaline diffuser. Simple and colourful, it humbly honours the best spirit of Danish design.

Santa & Cole Team

Formed by the individuals who are co-workers in Santa & Cole’s editing department, and led by the editors, the Santa & Cole team is responsible for the design of the company’s own products. Shining examples of this include the Trípode G5 lamp (1997), the HeadLed (2013) system, the Arne streetlamp (2013) along with the indoor model the Arne Domus (2015), the Sisisí System (1994) and the Básica lamp (1984), among others.

Santa & Cole is an editing company from Barcelona that lives for industrial design.