Width 70 cm
Depth 1 cm
Height 100 cm
Weight 1 kg


Colour Black
Material PVC
Secondary colour White
Secondary material Cotton


Assembly required none
Size 100x70


Useful and beautiful carpets for everyday life.

Åre rug collection

The Åre pattern was designed by industrial designer Sofie Sjöström and is associated with tracks in the snow, and named after Sweden's largest ski resort Åre.

This is a very versatile design that fits in the kitchen, hall, bathroom, dining room, bedroom, living room or even the balcony.

Machine wash or hand wash 30 degrees, no spin-drying.

Useful and beautiful carpets for everyday life—Sofie Sjöström

Sofie Sjöström is a Swedish designer who develops high-quality carpets for everyday life. All products are produced in Sweden.