Fresh as a summer‘s day: ARCOS in white, white synthetic resin top. 126/137/152 x H 73 cm

On first seeing the ARCOS, the viewer‘s glance would most probably be drawn to the round central base. It is concave shaped and manufactured in a special process that allows surprising openings to be created. This base will neither obscure a beautiful parquet nor a valuable carpet thanks to these see-through openings. And yet: the from-above round, elegantly outwardly flared cast-iron base is extremely sturdy due to its combination of materials – as if from a single casting. This allows the table, which is available in different sizes, to bear considerable loads. ARCOS table top in solid oak, ash, black walnut (American walnut), wild cherry and elm. In addition, the table tops are also available in veneered finishes: oak, mahogany, ash, black walnut, pear, wild cherry, elm and rosewood, plus in a white synthetic resin. On request with a cross joint. The table base is a polyurethane injection moulding with a metal frame. Its materials make the table extremely sturdy and able to bear heavy loads. Foot in a black or white lacquered finish. Further colours available on request.

MANUFACTURING CENTRE Every piece of furniture in the Röthlisberger Kollektion seeks to be the perfect translation of a new concept.