A steel cable allows the suspension light to swing gently and the crimson textile fiber power cable adds even stronger emphasis to its appearance. 1x T5 FC 60W/230V/2Gx13/830 Range ARBA-30: On/off on site ARBA-30-TD: Dimmable on site

Classic but with an eye for the contemporary, the urbane as well as the natural: this is the essence of ARBA. The native wood of the maple is especially oiled to endow it with unique characteristics of high resilience, stability, and exceptional texture. A gradual darkening of the natural products over the years has provided ARBA with another attribute: the wood makes the refreshingly cool light of the energy-saving fluorescent lamp glisten and transforms it into a warm yet powerful and comfortable light while bestowing a unique atmosphere to the room. The diffusor used for vertical illumination is made of solid acrylic with highly polished edges to direct an even, glare-free light. The large hanging lamp is 600 mm in diameter and has four powerful 42 W luminaires and, with their powerful light, can be used in offices, public buildings and places with high ceilings.

BELUX develops and manufactures lamps for office and home environments.