The Appia family of chairs expands with a version of the upholstered chair now in leather, with Kvadrat fabrics of various types and new colours with warm and subtle nuances that are characteristic of the Tuscan Mediterranean countryside and the light of dawn: pistachio green, almond husk green, sober blue and terracotta. The subtle colours, ethereal in the version with a padded seat, come together with the tones of the painted aluminium frame with a simple, modern and synthetic design. Appia has a die-cast aluminum structure, an incredible material that is durable and fully recyclable, whose intrinsic characteristics make the Appia lightweight yet strong and stable, rigorous in its archetypal form yet extremely comfortable. With or without armrests, for working alone or in groups, in private or shared spaces, whether living or public areas, indoor or outdoor spaces, Appia is designed for different situations according to the lateral and multi-tasking approach that Maxdesign's vision offers of the workplace and beyond. Size: L 53 cm X D 48,5 cm x H 79 cm

It is the light, innovative materials that define the simple but elegant forms of Appia, an archetype of the modern chair, designed for use in settings ranging from public places to offices and meeting rooms, which also looks good in the living room or in outdoor spaces. The ergonomic collection of chairs and armchairs is named after the famous sedan Lancia began producing in ’53, sharing the same curvaceous design and innovative use of materials such as aluminium in the frame, a detail that makes the chair comparably lightweight without compromising its stability. The seat and backrest are available in mass-coloured photo-engraved polypropylene, in natural, white or black oak plywood or with non-removable coverings of various materials. Dimensions: L 53 cm X D 48,5 cm x H 79 cm Materials: Die cast aluminium frame, brushed, glossy or painted with various glossy and matt finishes. Seat and backrest made of photo-engraved polypropylene or natural, white or black oak plywood or covered with a fabric, leather or eco-leather covering. Appia is stackable.

Since 2000, when it was founded by Massimo Martino, Maxdesign has been providing the landscape of home&contract furniture with new dynamic and creative energies.